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Swift, secure
and seamless
global payments

Unlock endless liquidity with Rootstock's always-on network to provide faster and cheaper transfers, powered by Bitcoin’s most secure sidechain.

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Reduce costs

Improve your remittance infrastructure with an always-on decentralized FX network, and minize FX costs for you and your users.

Reduce costs

Increase speed and stability

Harness Rootstock’s network to benefit from the speed, efficiency, and security of the first and longest standing sidechain of Bitcoin.

Increase speed and stability

Access on-demand liquidity

Provide near-instantaneous transfers in your target markers without intermediaries, time restrictions and geographical boundaries.

Access on-demand liquidity

Take a closer look at Rootstock's always-on, decentralized FX network.

Ready to build your

next product with RIF?

For Developers

Visit the Rootstock developer portal to access in-depth documentation on RIF's open-source suite of products and protocols. Join the Discord for support from core contributors and ecosystem partners.

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For Businesses

Book a free consultation call with IOV Labs, who offer support and resources for organizations looking to launch their next financial services solution with RIF and Rootstock.

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