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Harness RIF’s technology to build products that solve real financial challenges. Minimize time-to-market and development costs with access to blockchain expertise for fintech solutions that last.

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Unlock the power of blockchain

All RIF products are built on Rootstock. Rootstock is a Bitcoin layer 2 sidechain that provides EVM-compatible smart contract functionality using Bitcoin as the native asset. Thousands of people use Rootstock to interact with DeFi apps secured by Bitcoin.

Unlock the power of blockchain

Unlimited possibilities

Use RIF's infrastructure to seamlessly integrate blockchain capabilities into your fintech solutions and revolutionize how your users interact with financial services.

Unlimited possibilities

Purpose-driven technology

Take advantage of RIF to build a future where secure, useful, and affordable financial services are accessible to all. Make a lasting impact and shape the future of finance with:


Borderless Payments

Borderless Payments Make payments and international money transfers faster, more affordable, and accessible to everyone.

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Inflation Protection

Protect your users from market volatility and hyperinflation by offering stablecoins and secure savings products.

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Lending Products

Offer your customers fair and flexible loan terms while prioritising security and unlocking access to growth capital.

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For Developers

Visit the Rootstock developer portal to access in-depth documentation on RIF's open-source suite of products and protocols. Join the Discord for support from core contributors and ecosystem partners.

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For Businesses

Book a free consultation call with IOV Labs, who offer support and resources for organizations looking to launch their next financial services solution with RIF and Rootstock.

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