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Buildingthe future of DeFi

RIF is a growing toolkit of protocols that make it easy to build fast, scalable and secure products and services on the blockchain.

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Open source, easy to implement, and with expert support on hand to help.

  • Launch Web3 finance products quickly and at low cost
  • Get support on solution development, research, and strategy.
  • Bring users all the benefits of Web3 without losing the user experience of Web2

RIF Wallet

Effortlessly build your cryptocurrency wallet with RIF’s SDK libraries and introduce your users to the benefits of Web 3 without all the complexity.Easily programmable, self-custodial, and compatible with Rootstock and Bitcoin blockchains, RIF Wallet combines all the benefits of blockchain with first-class user experience and security.

Ideal for Neobanks, Wallets and DeFi service providers.

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RIF Rollup

Access the scaling power of Rollup technology and unleash on-the-spot-payments at an ultra-low transaction cost.RIF Rollup makes crypto payments as quick and easy as paying with a debit card, but with added efficiency and transparency rooted in decentralized technology.

RIF Flyover

Flyover is a fast and secure way for users to transfer BTC in and out of the Rootstock Ecosystem where it can be used to interact with a range of applications to send, save and spend money.

RNS (RIF Name Service)

RNS (RIF Name Service) replaces complicated cryptocurrency addresses with easy-to-remember nicknames, simplifying digital asset transactions. It also facilitates the integration of a Self Sovereign Identity protocol into your products, which enhances user security and flexibility.

By using human-readable aliases, every blockchain transaction becomes seamless and straightforward.

Ideal for seamless user onboarding, one-step purchasing, and user registration.

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RIF Relay

Accelerate mass adoption with RIF Relay, the most secure gas fee abstraction solution for Rootstock’s ecosystem.

RIF Relay simplifies gas fee payments by allowing users to pay transaction fees with any ERC20 token. This enables end users to transact entirely using one asset, removing complexity and improving onboarding.

Gas fees made simple

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RIF DeFi Gateway

DeFi Gateway is a decentralized marketplace for lending and borrowing solutions. Give your users access to trusted DeFi protocols from across the Rootstock ecosystem without the need to integrate each protocol individually.

- Highly customizable
- Easy integration
- Secure mechanism for revenue sharing

Ideal for crypto wallets and fintech platforms

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