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The first white label Bitcoin wallet built for businesses.

Bring Bitcoin DeFi to your users with RIF Wallet, an open source Bitcoin wallet with smart contract capabilities. Open-source, fully programmable and customizable.

An entirely open-source wallet showcasing what is possible with RIF 
on Rootstock

Easily programmable

Written in React Native making deployment to iOS and Android a breeze; get up and running in a few hours.

Bitcoin and Rootstock compatible

No need for additional integration, you can directly enable Bitcoin connectivity. RIF wallet is a B2B Bitcoin Wallet with modular capabilities that is designed to all business needs

Gas fees free

Thanks to RIF Relay, you can sponsor gas fees for your users to enable seamless transactions with 0 complexity.

Web 3 usernames

Your users can easily create usernames for easy, error-free transactions only with 3 simple steps.

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Explore RIF Wallet's endless possibilities for your business

Seamless onboarding

Provide your users a familiar onboarding and access experience. Enable wallet recovery without a seed or recovery phrase so your users don't have to store or memorize long and complex details.

User self-custody

Explore the possibilities of blockchain, without the costs of digital asset custody. Give your users full control of their assets in a secure way minimising risks for your business and customers.

Smart contract flexibility

Customise your wallet to the needs of your users. Include seamless payments, contact management and secure access in your products with no ongoing subscription fees.

RIF Wallet Library

RIF wallet provides the framework to build an intuitive and secure mobile-first Web 3 experience. Explore the different functionalities you can unlock in just a few steps.

Flexible Wallet Architecture

Flexible Wallet Architecture

Choose between externally owned account (EOA) wallet or smart contract wallet.
Tailor the wallet to your business needs and provide your users with a simple Web3 gateway.

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  • Standard (EOA) Wallet

    Externally Owned Account (EOA) wallets are a great starting point for developers as it is is easy to integrate and can be expanded as your users needs evolve.
    Test the waters of Web3 without custody hurdles; simplify compliance and empower your users with full control of their funds.

  • Smart Contract Wallet

    Smart wallets enable users to interact with different decentralized applications via automated smart contracts.
    Allow your users to automate their financial activities such as recurring transactions, earning yield, or managing capital with RIF’s smart functionalities.

  • Flexible Wallet Architecture
  • Flexible Wallet Architecture
Seamless Login & Recovery

Seamless Login & Recovery

Remove all friction and complexity with RIF's login and recovery setup.
No need for a seed phrase, enable access to wallet with mobile phone logins.

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  • Email Login

    Seedless wallets provide an alternative to seed-phrase-based wallets. Offer your users the simplicity and convenience of email login, and recovery.

  • Biometrics Login

    Biometrics login option allows users to access their wallets simply by using their fingerprints or face ID. It doesn’t get any simpler!

  • Seamless Login & Recovery
  • Seamless Login & Recovery

Get Started with RIF Wallet, the first B2B Modular wallet built on Bitcoin.

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