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Creating a global
financial system that works for everyone

Organizations can harness the power of RIF to rapidly create and deploy useful and scalable fintech products and services on the blockchain.

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About RIF

RIF was created to equip fintech innovators with the technology and resources to create fully decentralized products for a fairer and freer financial system.

RIF is short for Rootstock Infrastructure Framework. It's a service layer built on top of the Rootstock blockchain, offering open, decentralized tools and technologies. With RIF, developers can create scalable DeFi products quickly and easily.

RIF bridges the gap between complex blockchain technology and seamless user experience. It helps organizations create innovative DeFi products, by providing the infrastructure and resources needed to solve key user accessibility challenges.

The RIF Token

Financial institutions and developers use the RIF token to build and interact with powerful financial products, offer alternatives to traditional banking and move money around the world seamlessly. Anyone can access and use RIF tokens but thanks to the way the protocols are built, customers can benefit from all the advantages of DeFi without every worrying about the complexity of crypto.

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About Rootstock

All RIF products are built on Rootstock. Rootstock is Bitcoin’s first and longest standing sidechain that provides EVM-compatible smart contract functionality using bitcoin as the native asset. People around the world use Rootstock every day to interact with DeFi apps secured by Bitcoin.

Rootstock’s unique position as the first open-source smart contract platform secured by the Bitcoin network makes it the ideal network to realize the full potential of RIF. Rootstock is mined by more hashpower than any other chain, except Bitcoin itself, making it the most permissionless and censorship-resistant Bitcoin sidechain. Rootstock and RIF work hand-in-hand, allowing businesses to access secure decentralized tools that help them build DeFi solutions for their users.

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About IOV Labs

Collaboration drives innovation. When building with RIF, you don’t have to build alone! IOVLabs is a global organization committed to providing the next generation of fintech innovators with the decentralized tools and technology to build a new global economy.

IOV Labs offer support, advice, and initiatives to help organizations to harness the power of RIF. Get access to front-line Rootstock developers, marketing support and more. Visit to learn more and start bridging the gap between blockchain technology and mass adoption.

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