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The building blocks of a new financial system

Open-source tools and technologies that make it faster, easier and more rewarding to build on Bitcoin.

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Create the next generation of fintech products

Speed up the creation of products built on Bitcoin with RIF's toolkit of protocols, interfaces and SDKs.


in USD with safe, low-risk, stablecoins.


provide access to stable assets in a fast and secure way.


utility bills and receive salaries in crypto.


money anywhere in the world with local currency on/off ramps.

Bridging the gap between blockchain and business


Inflation protection

Protect your users from market volatility and hyperinflation by offering stablecoins and secure saving apps.

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Borderless payments

Make payments and international money transfers faster, more affordable, and accessible to everyone.

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Equitable lending

Offer your customers fair and flexible loan terms while prioritizing security and unlocking access to growth capital.

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Why build on RIF?

RIF helps fintechs, banks, businesses, financial institutions build simple, secure and scalable DeFi products. Develop the Everyday DeFi products of tomorrow, today.

Resilient and reliable

RIF is built on Rootstock, the world’s most secure smart contract network. Secured by the same computing power that secures Bitcoin, Rootstock allows you to focus on scaling your user base with the resilience of Bitcoin at your back.

Intuitively simple

The RIF product suite is designed to remove friction and maximize usability for both builders and end-users.

Built for real use cases

RIF solutions are designed for ordinary users with everyday financial needs, introducing a new generation of decentralized products that enable access to financial services for everyone.

Ongoing support

Access a pool of RIF product experts to collaborate with you in solution development, research, and strategy.


RIF's decentralized nature allows product builders to reduce costs by moving part of their infrastructure and operations onto the Blockchain.

A full stack solution

Everything you need to start building financial solutions on the blockchain. RIF accelerates the development of practical, affordable, and scalable fintech products and services.

Meet the suite

Explore the solutions making the mainstream adoption of DeFi possible.

RIF Wallet

RIF's all-in-one, non-custodial wallet enables unlimited UX functionalities through its next-gen Smart Contract capabilities.


Accelerating crypto adoption and trust for everyday use by bringing multi-chain, decentralized naming aliases into the Rootstock ecosystem.

RIF DeFi Gateway

The decentralized service directory that connects DeFi products, consumers, and platforms.

RIF Relay

Relay enables seamless payments by allowing users to pay gas fees with any ERC20 token.

RIF Flyover

Facilitates Bitcoin’s movement in and out of Rootstock in a fast, decentralized, and censorship-resistant way.

RIF Rollup

Leverages the scaling power of zero-knowledge proofs to enable fast, on-the-spot payments at ultra-low transaction costs while maintaining security and interoperability.

We are entering an era of Everyday DeFi

Existing DeFi products don't meet everyday needs – RIF is here to change that. Our product suite empowers fintech builders to create products that usher in a new era of decentralisation - "Everyday DeFi" - and revolutionise modern finance.

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Learn how RIF can help you launch new DeFi products or enhance traditional financial servicesto help attract new audiences, reduce admin, and increase revenue.

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